The naturally curious minds are exposed to conditions that can evoke freedom of thought and expressions. Language development, concept formation, socio emotional skills along with fine and gross motor development happen simultaneously through exploration, interrogation and eventually self-discovery. This can built confident youngsters who feel to be creative and motivated to learn.


The highly developing toddler brain is stimulated through exploratory and hands-on activities, which can develop cognition, languages and psychomotor skills. They begin to appreciate the importance of Education by remaining interested through the flexible, through stimulating lessons. They are made aware of their own potentials and learn how to explore and exploit in the right direction thus moving away from vulnerability to independence.


At secondary level we aim at developing skills related to writing, reading, reflecting & critical thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among students and a desire to acquire knowledge.At secondary level the curriculum starts emphasis in learning basic facts and gradually moves to detailed understanding of concepts, through interpretation and evaluation as student’s progress to higher classes.

Senior Secondary

At senior secondary level, the holistic and experiential nature of learning balances knowledge, understanding and skills & ensure that students are well prepared for AISSC Examination (C.B.S.E Board Examination). The curriculum actively supports, discussion based learning and hands-on activities, and embeds innovative approaches to learning across all subjects.


The objective of assessments is to evaluate the learners in a holistic manner so that the latent competencies are reflected appropriately in their performance. Evaluation would also help in identifying their positive attributes and foster their level of academic excellence through co-scholastic competencies.Students should reach a satisfactory standard in all subjects.


A student should have 80% attendance in each term to fulfill the requirements and maintain the standard of the institution. Classes Nursery to V will have 4 Formative Assessments (FA) and 2 Summative Assessments (SA). Each term will consist of 2 Formative Assessments and 1 Summative Assessments.


Students should have 75 % attendance at the end of each month to fulfill the requirement and maintain the standard of the Institute. Uniformity of assessments and evaluation pattern is being followed for classes VI to X. Evaluation is conducted in the form of Periodic Assessments/Unit Tests and Block Tests throughout the year for classes VI & XII.

Senior Secondary

Students of Senior Secondary (XI& XII) are assessed through unit tests, practical and term examinations.

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